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Vlatos olive oil label

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Vlatos, our premium organic extra virgin olive oil, is made in the mountain village of Vlatos. Vlatos is located 380m above sea level and 54 km southwest of Chania, Crete, Greece. The village is built in a tree covered valley, with olive trees, chestnut trees and wild vegetation. It consists of many quarters, which maintain the original Cretan style.

The cultivation of our olive trees is carried out in a manner that reflects our passion & adherence to exceptional quality olive oil. Our family oversees the entire process, from harvesting to importing, to ensure that the utmost care is taken to produce exceptional olive oil that we are proud to bring to your table.

Only Tsounati olives are used to produce Vlatos’ exceptional olive oil. Our olives are pressed within a mere 8 hours of being picked from the tree, another factor which contributes to the superb quality of our organic olive oil.

Great olive oil is distinguished by its color and its aroma. The color, which ranges from green to golden yellow, along with it aroma, is an indication of its freshness and nutritional qualities.

Vlatos Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil does not contain any chemicals or pesticides.